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About Us

Who We Are

Our mission is to create high quality early learning environments that meet the needs of each child we serve and to provide activities that encourage their social, cognitive, physical and creative development.

Our vision is that every child has access to reliable, safe and quality child care and early education.

Our Curriculum

At The Learning Loft we believe in a hands on approach to learning centered around the individual needs of each child.

To achieve this we utilize the HighScope for our infant, toddler, and preschool programs

Core Values


For the Learning Loft organization meeting each child where they are means creating early childhood program opportunities for children within the communities and neighborhoods they live in.


We strongly believe in the importance of the safety and security for all of the children, parents, and staff at The Learning Loft. Our programs strive to provide safe environments by committing to greater emergency preparedness planning than what is required including increased drills, 100% CPR and First Aid Trainings, in depth Fire Safety Trainings, and teaching child safety rules.

Family Experience

The family experience plays an integral part in the success of our high-quality early learning environments. Each Learning Loft staff member seeks to encourage positive partnerships with children’s families.


Our programs use developmentally appropriate practices and consider the unique needs of all children when planning. Staff will make every attempt to make any adaptations or modifications necessary to meet the needs of the children. Schedules, routines and activities are flexible and our early childhood educators work with therapists, special educators and other professionals to integrate individual accommodations, modifications and strategies into classroom routines and activities. Any adaptations will be reviewed with families and other professionals supporting the child.


Quality care and education are at the forefront of our programs and our educators and administrators are committed to the continuous quality improvement of our early learning programs. We will continue to focus on building and sustaining ongoing positive relationships between families, children, and staff, hire knowledgeable and responsible early care professionals, and a whole child approach to education.


We believe in the importance of accountability to ensure continuous improvement of our programs and services in meeting the needs of children and families. We will focus on the effects and outcomes of the services we provide, hold an open door communication policy between families, caregivers and administrators, and annual program evaluations by staff and parents/guardians.

“My son is the most important responsibility I have and I trust Brittini Wright and Wright Childcare Solutions unequivocally to care for and protect my son, while his mother and I work.”

– K. Chase Patterson

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